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March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month!

CDC News: What is Cancer Control?

CDC News: What is Cancer Control?


What Is Cancer Control?

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What Is Cancer Control?

National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program. The National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program brings partners together across the country to reduce cancer's impact through prevention and control. Collaborating to Conquer Cancer.

April is National Cancer Control Month. But what does that really mean?

Cancer control is a journey. It starts with healthy choices like a good diet, vaccines, proper sun protection, and cancer screening—all things that can help make it less likely you will get some kinds of cancer. If you do get cancer, the path shifts to helping you find the best treatment, and then finding support through the rest of your life as a cancer survivor.

Here at CDC, we do our part to control cancer in many ways. Some researchers look at cancer types and cases to find out what groups of people get cancer more often. Others study communities to find things that raise cancer risk.

National Program of Cancer Registries

Get to Know DCPC During National Public Health Week

It always helps to put a face on the people working hard for your health. From April 2 through 6, we’ll highlight five of the scientists, analysts, and leaders driving our programs. Faces of DCPC shows these team members’ work and their visions for a healthier future. Follow @CDC_Cancer on Twitter for the team member of the day, and stay tuned all month to learn how our partners are making cancer prevention work in their area.

Preview: Dazzling Data

It’s hard for anyone—even sometimes scientists—to understand things by looking at numbers on a page. That’s why our United States Cancer Statistics Data Visualizations Tool is so important. It makes it easier for anyone to understand cancer where they live, or for the whole country. This month, we launch the improved Data Visualizations Tool with colorful graphs, charts, and maps. Keep an eye out on social media for links to other stories on how we use the data and how you can, too!

Division of Cancer Prevention and Control

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NWFCCC works to reduce the burden of cancer on area residents by increasing access to cancer information and services, by developing and implementing cancer control projects for the public and healthcare professionals, and by promoting awareness of prevention and early detection practices.



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